Discipline top provincial cop, Party inspection committee says


Discipline top provincial cop, Party inspection committee says

Colonel Huynh Tien Manh. Photo courtersy of Dong Nai Newspaper.

Violations by Dong Nai police chief Colonel Huynh Tien Manh and other officials included mismanagement of criminal cases.

Their actions have had serious consequences, the Party Central Inspection Committee said in a statement Monday, calling for disciplinary action against the accused.

It said the Party unit of the Dong Nai Police violated the democratic centralism principle and working regulations, and had shown irresponsibility in leading, managing, inspecting and supervising.

These violations resulted in numerous wrongdoings in the investigation and the handling of criminal cases, the management and use of weapons, land, finance, assets and personnel, the committee said.

Colonel Manh, Party chief and director of the Dong Nai Police and Major Nguyen Van Khanh, former Party chief and former director of the Dong Nai Police, were mainly responsible for these violations, it added.

Several other provincial police officials were also identified as being responsible for violations by the Dong Nai Police’s Party unit.

The committee said these violations had caused serious consequences and adversely affected the prestige of the Communist Party and law enforcement agencies, causing public outrage, deserving disciplinary punishment.