Dak Lak’s mural Street wows visitors


Tay Nguyen mural street in Buon Ma Thuot city, the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak, has become an attractive destination for many local residents and visitors.

A corner of the mural street in Buon Ma Thuot city. (Source: daktip.vn)
This street was known as a trade venue where social vices took place. Now it has changed, with a new and colourful appearance. (Source: newszing)
Hoang Bich Thuy, a resident in Cu Kuin district said she found the street very beautiful, very meaningful after it was redecorated.
Cao Tien Quang, an artist from Cao Hong Quang Decorative Art Company, said “We decorate this road based on the Ede culture and the closest things to Ede spiritual life.”
Depicting the beauty of Dak Lak, the symbol of the Central Highlands, the street turns out to be a favoured spot by young people.
The mural street is one of three phases of the Buon Ma Thuot road project that has been completed. The next phase of the project will deal with the installation of book stalls and free coffee booths.
This street will also be devoted to folk art and cultural activities, cultural exchanges and performances of the Central Highlands gongs.
It looks to contributing to promoting reading culture, coffee culture and traditional culture of local people.